DPL Self-Paced Technology Learning

Welcome to DPL's Self-Paced Technology Learning II.

NOTE: Self-Paced Technology Learning II is now complete - DPL's Staff Technology Training Committee will no longer be reviewing submissions, but feel free to continue working through the exercises at your own pace.

You can use the menus at the top of the screen to find the activities or link to them from the list below. For this round, you will need to complete all activities (note: except the Choose Your Own Adventure - for that you will need to just choose one) to receive credit and be eligible for awards. What awards? This fall, the Staff Technology Training Committee will be purchasing 3 to 5 different tablets (iPad, etc., number determined based on the cost of the newest available tablets). We will randomly select winners from people who have completed the program.

Program Activities

NOTE: To make sure you can get credit for your activities, please make sure to put your name in the Subject line of all emails you'll be sending to the DPL Learning email account. Also, add your location to the first email so we know where you're coming from.

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