Create Staffweb Content


Staffweb is a great resource that allows all DPL staff members not only the access to view important internal communications, but also to add their own content. For this activity, you will create your own content on Staffweb.

What do I need to do?

Create a blog post, tweet, or classified ad on Staffweb. Blog posts are longer form content about activities or resources that are appropriate for staff members. They appear in the center section of the Staffweb home page. Tweets are short messages that are used to tell other staff what you are doing, and which often point people to other Staffweb content. Classified ads can be used similar to how classified ads have traditionally appeared in newspapers (remember those?).

How do I receive credit?

  1. Create a blog post, tweet, or classified ad on Staffweb
  2. Email the link for your Staffweb content to moc.liamg|gninraellpd#moc.liamg|gninraellpd with your name and "Staffweb content" in the Subject line


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