Open a DVD or CD with VLC


The Library allows customers to check out DVDs. The Library also offers public access computers with DVD drives in them. Watching a DVD on the Library's public PCs however, requires the use of software that most of us aren't familiar with - VLC. For this activity, you will watch a DVD on one of the Library's public PCs. Some branches still have older computers that do not have a DVD drive - if you cannot use a DVD in your library due to this, use VLC to open a CD instead.

What do I need to do?

Borrow a DVD (or CD) from your library, and bring it to one of the public PCs. Log into the computer, open up VLC media player, and begin watching the DVD (or listening to the CD).

How do I receive credit?

  1. Check out a Library DVD (or CD)
  2. Log in to a Public Computer, open VLC Media Player, insert the DVD (or CD)
  3. Click on Media->Open Disc->Play
  4. Take a screenshot of the movie (or CD) playing in VLC, and send it to moc.liamg|gninraellpd#moc.liamg|gninraellpd with your name and "Public PC DVD" in the Subject line


  • Screenshot tutorials:
  1. Windows
  2. Mac
  3. iPhone/iPad
  4. Android (less consistent)
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